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United Architects of the Philippines Samar Sinirangan Chapter

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RA 9266 Architecture Act of 2004
Open Letter
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Open Letter to Civil Engineers

By now many of you have heard about 
a new “Architects Law” (Republic Act 9266: Architects Law of 2004) and how it supposedly affects your profession. There has been resistance from Engineers who believe Architects are taking their jobs away from them.  But that is far from the truth.  

     The fact of it is, Architects can no longer prepare, sign and seal Structural Plans. Before this law we could do that for a maximum of four floors. Because of this law, we can no longer do that, even for a one floor bungalow.  This is a responsibility we offer exclusively back to you because this is what you have studied for and we recognize the fact that the structural integrity of a building is something that only Engineers are qualified to design.  We ensured the inclusion of this provision in our law because we have the utmost respect for your profession, and it is an indication that we consider your contribution important and essential in providing shelter for our fellow Filipinos.

     However, it now becomes our sole responsibility to prepare, sign and seal Architectural Plans because it is what we have studied for, and it is our expertise to practice.  

     Our Architects’ Law does nothing but put into place what our two professions are meant to offer to our clients. Engineering to Engineers, Architecture to Architects.  We can no longer work on any projects by ourselves by excluding the other. This law ensures that we will always work together. Whenever we have a project, we will always call upon you to help us with the Structural design, and whenever you have a project, we hope you call upon us to provide our Architectural design.

Working like this will do nothing but provide our client with the best possible service our professions can offer.

-UAP Samar Sinirangan Chapter
October 2006


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